The FLL company BELINTERLOGISTIС is a forwarding company offering a broad complex of transportation and logistics services.

Over the period of several years the company is specializing in organization of international freight traffic. We deliver cargoes by all the means of transport to various countries of the world. Our advantage is optimum schedule times and competitive prices.

The FLL company BELINTERLOGISTIС renders services in delivery of goods by motor, sea, railway and air transport. The key direction of our company’s activity is seaborne and motor cargo transportation between the countries of the European Union and the CIS, between China and CIS countries and Europe, within the limits of Europe and the CIS.

Over long period of work our experts have worked out an efficient algorithm of operation in the sphere of international freight traffic. We take into account wishes of each particular customer, a legal entity and a natural person.

The FLL company BELINTERLOGISTIС maintains and strengthens its financial stability owing to smart, strategically lined-up policy of business management. We have created a reliable foundation for strong, durable relations with partners in the sphere of cargo forwarding and favor prosperity of business of our customers.






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    Tel: (0152) 41-82-67
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    Fax: (0152) 41-82-65

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